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—Welcome to the National Alliance of Black Interpreters, Inc. !
—NAOBI is the only national organization that supports sign language interpreters from the African diaspora. As such, we recognize that we stand at an important crossroads. We do not stand alone. The fact that many cultures meet and converge here is what makes our existence so important.
—We are sign language interpreters. We constantly seek to recognize changes in American hearing culture and in American Deaf culture to improve our ability to contextualize communications between them. We work ably with all interpreters and are integral to interpreting organizations all over the U.S. We endeavor to be fit and ready to interpret in any mainstream setting.

—We are interpreters of color. In the Deaf world and in the hearing world, we enjoy membership in both the mainstream culture and in a sub-culture that is unique and special to us. We celebrate that sub-culture and explore its nuances so that we can communicate it properly. We strive to be the best cultural fit for interpreting within the Black community and for providing an American Sign Language to Spoken English interpretation for Black Deaf consumers.

—We are not the only interpreters of color. We have sibling groups in the Native American, Hispanic/Latino, and Asian sub-cultures. We plan to partner with our peers, to help each other, and to provide references across the sub-cultures.

—We exist along a continuum. Some of us are certified; some are qualified for certification; some are 'working'; some are volunteers; some are just beginning; some are in ITPs; some are just thinking about becoming an interpreter. We want to move each of us along that continuum to become "certified". We will provide support and encouragement to each other at each rest stop along the way.
—This is NAOBI, Inc.. Standing at the crossroads. Relishing our interaction with the many, varied groups of people that pass our way. This site is intended to showcase our joy, our work, and our partners. Happy traveling!


NAOBI Priorities

Our Mission  Our Goals

The mission of NAOBI is to promote excellence and empowerment among African Americans/Blacks in the profession of sign language interpreting in the context of a multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment.

  • Increase Membership
  • Support and provide input to the accreditation procedures of Interpreter Education Programs (IEP's) / Interpreter Training Programs (ITP's).
  • Increase the number of Nationally Certified African American/Black Interpreters.
  • Enhance leadership skills of NAOBI, Inc. Membership
  • NAOBI has common goals with many other interpreter and Deaf-related organizations including Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT), National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA), National Association of the Deaf (NAD), Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), American Sign Language Teachers Association(ASLTA), American College Educators-Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACE-DHH), Mano-a-Mano, and a host of others.
  • However, NAOBI is the only organization with the specific scope of increasing the talent pool of skilled African American/Black interpreters.
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Membership Campaign 2014  Membership

The NAOBI, Inc. Board voted to give free membership to students enrolled in a college accredited Interpreter’s Training ASL program.

The student must be sponsored by a 2014 paid NAOBI, Inc. membership.

The Promotion: When a Full membership is paid a Student membership is given to an ASL Student.


  • Full member should seek out an ASL student and encourage them to join and participate in NAOBI, Inc. activities.
  • Student must submit proof of enrollment in an accredited college ASL Interpreter Training Program.
  • Student’s application and proof of education must be submitted with paid Full membership application.
  • Complete special NAOBI, Inc. Student 2014 application.
  • Student will have membership rights afforded to a student member for the 2014 year.  



Like us on Facebook Pay your membership dues for 2014 and an ASL Student you sponsor can become a member too. Email the membership chairperson for a membership application and a SPECIAL Full-Member-Sponsored-Student application.


JOIN TODAY!  naobiincmembershipchair@gmail.com

Why become a member: To have the opportunity to network with other interpreters who share your cultural background, to gain a broader knowledge of the interpreting profession through newsletters, workshops and seminars, conferences, the Internet, and personal interaction with those who share your same zeal for the profession.    Member’s Benefits: Information related to the latest technology Discounted conference rates Information to nationwide workshops 24-hour access into the nuts and bolts of NAOBI, Inc. ie: upcoming meetings, voting opportunities, message boards, meeting minutes The ability to connect with interpreters throughout the world Links to other organizations and NAOBI affiliate chapters.


  • NAOBI Alabama
  • NAOBI Atlanta
  • NAOBI Detroit
  • NAOBi Houston
  • NAOBI Metro Chicago Chapter
  • NAOBI North Carolina
  • NAOBI Ohio
  • NAOBI STL (St. Louis)
  • NAOBI So Cal


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